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Use a 6 in 1 Shovel On a JCB Backhoe Loader

Use a 6 in 1 Shovel On a JCB Backhoe Loader - Today We're going to show you how to use a 6 in 1 shovel on a JCB backhoe loader. The 6 in 1 shovel is operated with the auxiliary service on the loader controls and depending on the model of backhoe loader this is either controlled via a manual lever or a proportional roller like the one I am using today. Let's see how we operate the loader and the 6 in 1 service. Press the button in front of the loader lever to energise the lever and now we have full control of the loader arm. Pull the lever back this raises the loader arm. Pushing the lever forward will lower the loader arm. Moving the lever to the left will crowd the 6 in 1 and moving the lever to the right will dump or empty the 6 in 1. By moving the roller either up or down this will either open or close the clam shovel. 

Now we know how to operate the 6 in 1 shovel let's see what it can do. Firstly the 6 in 1 can be used to dig into the ground and remove material to change the level of the ground. By keeping the clam closed and angling the shovel forwards it will dig into the ground and the bucket will start to fill with material. Once the shovel is full we can load it directly into the dumper. Using the shovel as a dozer blade. You open up the clam fully and by using the back of the shovel it allows the machine to push material forward a layer at a time. The grading function enables the operator to lay out material to a required depth. 

Use a 6 in 1 Shovel On a JCB Backhoe Loader

This is done by using the measure gauge on the side of the shovel and setting the correct measurement on the gauge. Place the shovel just off the ground and reverse the machine back allowing the material to fall through the opening made with the clamp. The front part of the clam then acts as the level ensuring the material left is the depth being set. Making the ground level by backfilling can simply be done by moving the clam like this. Or, with the clam fully open and using the front and back blades allows the 6 in 1 to be used for backfilling from excavations and then returning the ground to level. The final operation for the 6 in 1 is using it to grab material or objects. So that's how you operate the 6 in 1 shovel on the JCB backhoe loader. Thanks for visit and read Use a 6 in 1 Shovel On a JCB Backhoe Loader.