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Review Of BMW X5

Review Of BMW X5 - The BMW X5 has always been a popular choice for people after a sporty SUV. And the latest version promises to be just as sharp to drive yet more luxurious than ever. Before we get into that lets deal with the practicality first. As before it gets a split tailgate -- which means opening the back in tight spaces is easier. It also helps loading as you can slide heavy stuff right in or out. Because the X5 has run flat tyres there is no need for a spare wheel so you can use under here to hide your valuables. In terms of out-right boot space in the X5 is slightly down on its main rivals but only buy a few litres. But when you fold the three way splitable seats down flat, it's total volume is actually bigger than many rivals. So you loose some, you win some.. The X5 is built on the same platform as the last car but BMW has made the body squarer than before to make it even roomier inside. And yes it feels suitably spacious back here even for people over 6ft. You can fit three back here and it helps the floor is flat as there's plenty of space for everyones feet. Storage in the back is good too with useful door bins, cup holders in the arm rest and air-plane style folders in the seat backs. Up front the X5 is no MPV but it has as many useful cubbies as any of its rivals and the door bins are especially large. BMW has given the X5 plenty of standard kit. 

Review Of BMW X5

All models get the excellent 8 speed automatic gearbox, there's leather seats, which believe me are very comfortable, , Bluetooth for your mobile phone, iPod connectivity, a 20G hard drive for your music, xenon headlamps, all round parking sensors, DAB radio, climate and cruise control and an system which will call the emergency services if you have an accident.. The professional sat nav with the high def 10 inch display is standard across the range too. And it's now even easier to use as you can input destinations at the swipe of swipe of your finger using the new iDrive's touch sensitive pad. That's not the only improvements though. The redesigned interior is noticeably more upmarket than before and feels a lot more avantguard than before. You can make the inside feel even posher with LED mood lighting, upgraded leather, various parking cameras and the panoramic sun roof which opens so wide what it feels almost like you are in a convertible. The X5 is available with a wide range of engines most which are carried over from the previous ar. 

There's a 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 that can sprint to 60mph in just 5 seconds. But the tri-turbo three-litre diesel in this M50d is pretty much as quick yet can return over 42mpg. However, if its economy you want the new four cylinder diesel in the 25d can still hit 60 in a reasonable 8 seconds and -- if you go for the new entry level rear-wheel drive can top 50mpg which is incredible in a car of this size. Speaking of size excellent visibility and raised driving poison means that despite its chunky dimensions the X5 it's actually quite easy to navigate through tight spaces. The handling also belies the cars bulk, which impressive cornering ability with loads of grip and virtually no body roll. Thing is though if you want the sportiest SUV the Porsche Cayenne is the shaper drive. Then there's the comfort. It's improved over the previous model though you will want to adaptive suspension, which is standard on M Sport models, if you want the car to be as comfy as it can be. Don't go pressing the sport as then the ride becomes thumpy and the steering too heavy. 

And any way in terms of comfy cruising the X5 can't quite match a Range Rover Sport for ride quality. The diesel engines aren't as smooth as in the Range Rover either and can be a bit noisy at times. To hide this BMW plays systhetic engine noises through the stereo speakers so they sound good when you accelerate. But if you have the windows and sun roof open you hear what everyone else outside is hearing -- diesel rattle. Yeah, I think I'll shut everything up and live in denial. Also while BMW generally has a good reputation for reliability, the previous X5 was the firm's lowest ranking model in the 2013 Driver Power Customer Satisfaction survey. In fact it came in the bottom quartile for reliability. And remember lots of the old car remains in this new car. Thanks for read Review Of BMW X5.