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Review Of Ford Mustang 2016

Review Of Ford Mustang 2016 - There are certain things that ooze American patriotism – and one of them is the Ford Mustang. But unlike any of the Mustang’s that have been available since its launch in 1964, this latest model is pretty special – particularly for people in Europe, and in our case the UK – because now, it’s in right hand drive, and available from your local Ford dealer. Designer Moray Callum was tasked with redesigning the Mustang and creating something contemporary that still pays homage to its muscle-car heritage - not an easy gig. Available in both fastback coupe and convertible body styles, the result is this “shark bite nose”, booted sequential taillights and a wide gaping grille brandishing the iconic galloping stallion. Ford’s also ensured that engineering has followed suit, with aerocurtains on the front bumper to optimise air flow and – for the first time - fully-independent front and rear suspension to help it deal with ever-changing European roads.

Ford Mustang image 2016

But first things first – what’s under the bonnet? So, the only engine on offer in the Mustang is a four-cylinder, 313bhp 2.3-litre EcoBoost. Of course there’s also this eight-cylinder, 410bhp, naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 – which smokes the 0-62 sprint in just 4.8 seconds, and will, for obvious reasons, go down better with Mustang purists. In fact the V8 has already gained more interest with UK buyers, and with its goose bump-inducing soundtrack and 530Nm of torque throwing you back into the figure-hugging sports seats, we’re not surprised. There are three driving modes to choose from – Comfort, Normal and Sport – and like many other variable driving modes, you are better going down the middle for Normal mode, as this offers the best levels of engagement – with Comfort being too light and Sport being overtly heavy and a little artificial. There are two gearboxes available, a six-speed manual, which is standard, and a six-speed automatic – but if you are looking for that real man and machine connection, then we recommend going for the manual. 

Those after the V8 will not be too concerned with fuel economy and efficiency, but just so you know, it emits 281g/km of CO2 and realistically you’ll get around 15 to 20mpg. One thing I will say about the Mustang is that even though it’s so big, it still loves to eat up corners, thanks in part to its limited slip-differential, which is fitted as standard. One of the key improvements to the Mustang’s interior is the quality of materials used – there are still some cheap plastics, but it’s still a massive improvement over previous iterations. The in-car technology has of course been brought up to speed with the rest of the Ford range with this SYNC 2 infotainment screen – as seen in the new Mondeo, C-MAX and S-MAX. There’s also features that help remind you that you are sat in a sports car – like a speedometre which also shows groundspeed, aviation-style switches and a commemorative Mustang plaque. 

Standard kit on all models includes aluminium pedals, dual-zone climate control and the new SYNC 2 system, which comes with built-in DAB radio and Bluetooth. There is just one equipment level available, but kit will vary dependent on which engine you go for, and of course, there is a shopping list of options to browse through. Although the Mustang is a big car, it’s still a coupe at the end of the day, so its 2+2 seating arrangement won’t leave you much room – I mean leg room is okay, but head room is terrible. The boot opening is a little narrow, but the coupe model still offers up to 408 litres of storage space – this is reduced for the convertible model to 332 litres. It’s as simple as this, Ford have successfully revamped its biggest icon and it is now available in the UK for £30,495. And Ford says “the Mustang is more than just a sports car. It’s the heart and soul of the brand” – and when you are behind the wheel, listening to the engine rumble, it’s hard to disagree with them. Thanks for read Review Of Ford Mustang 2016.