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Review Of Honda CB Hornet 160R

Review Of Honda CB Hornet 160R - Honda hasn't tasted much success in the 150cc segment, it's only been the Unicorn which has been a good seller, now Honda had the Dazzler, it had the Trigger and now they have the Hornet 160R. The Hornet has a lot riding on it because it has to compete with Suzuki's class leading Gixxer. Has Honda finally done it, well we got the answer for you today. The Hornet 160R is a muscular motorcycle and is easily the best looking Honda commuter bike in India. The beefy tank, carbon-fibre look alike finish, multi-spoke alloy wheels, mid-ship exhaust, neatly designed saree guard and the X shaped brake light really stand out. But what disappoints is the switchgear, it's dated and there is no engine kill switch. 

Review Of Honda CB Hornet 160R
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The all digital console is the same as the Unicorn 160 and is easy to read. The Hornet 160R does have more power and torque than its sibling, the Unicorn 160 but one really has to push the motor up in the higher end to really get going quickly. Real power comes in after 6000 RPM and the low-end punch isn't that striking on this motorcycle. The reduced peppiness compared to the Unicorn 160 is due to power and torque peaking in 500 RPM later. Also the wider tyres are to be blamed. The engine itself is terrifically refined and the gearing is tall, with the bike redlining at over 11,000 RPM. 

The motor itself sounds good and the clutch is light with the gearbox being very smooth. The Hornet gets 3-pot Nissin callipers at the front. The best part about the Honda Hornet 160R is definitely the brakes. The CBS brakes work fantastically well, it helps in stopping the motorcycle very quickly, the handling is also very nice, there is a lot of grip from these soft compound wide tyres. 

The Hornet has properly positioned footpegs for sporty riding and has excellent stability at high speeds. The seating position is upright and comfortable with good enough space for a pillion. The suspension is on the stiffer side and thus the ride quality isn't very composed over bad roads. Honda has got out of its conservative shell to give us a motorcycle that looks as good as this. 

Now the CB Hornet 160R also is a very striking motorcycle in other areas with its fat rear tyre, wave discs and also the fact it gets CBS. Now this motorcycle has very good handling, the stability is excellent and the brakes are also very nice. Overall Honda has done a fantastic job which makes us overlook the small shortcomings of the CB Hornet 160R. Thanks for read Review Of Honda CB Hornet 160R.