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Review Of Range Rover Evoque 2016

Review Of Range Rover Evoque 2016 - The Evoque redefined the term crossover when it was launched in 2011 – but can it keep up its run of leading Land Rover sales and being one of the most stylish SUV’s on the market? Well Range Rover will certainly be hoping so and its 2015 facelift will no doubt help this cause as it brought with it a new diesel engine, new infotainment system and some exterior design tweaks, which okay, are quite hard to notice, but they include new front bumpers and some new grille designs. The big improvement in here is definitely this new InControl Touch system, which on the whole is much easier and intuitive to use when compared to the old system and it can also be upgraded and customised with things like this brilliant Meridian sound system and a whole range of apps that sync with your phone. The best thing about it in my opinion though is how it allows you to hot key your favourite functions to the main screen. When it comes to quality there are soft touch materials in all the right places, a luxurious looking layout and a long list of standard kit to match, with the likes of cruise control, Bluetooth, parking sensors, heated seats – the list goes on. There’s tons of adjustment in the driver seat as well to ensure you can get your driving position just right… which is a relief because I’ve probably just messed mine up.

Review Of Range Rover Evoque 2016

Now looking from the outside, you may think its small rear window and sloping roof means visibility and head room are pretty naff – but you’d be wrong. There is plenty of wiggle room back here, certainly for kids, and the back window is nowhere near as bad as you’d think visibility wise. Come around to the boot and you get up to 575 litres of storage space, 25 litres more than you get in the coupe model. The seats also fold pretty flat, which is a bonus when carrying longer objects. The hot topic on the engine front is the new 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel, which replaces the 2.2-litre diesel and is available with either 148bhp or 178bhp. Now, the whole point of this engine is better fuel economy and efficiency, which it delivers with aplomb. This 148bhp model for example emits just 113g/km of CO2 and on average should return upwards of 55mpg. And this new diesel has loads of torque on tap, but, if you are after something a bit racier, there is also a 237bhp 2.0-litre petrol on offer. Because the Evoque is a much more style-orientated vehicle than its other Range Rover and Land Rover siblings, it’s clear that the engineers kept city-dwelling drivers in mind in certain areas – the Evoque’s slightly lower ride being one of them. This heavy six-speed manual gearbox and rather meaty clutch will remind you of its 4x4 heritage though and for some, it may take some getting used to. 

But the Evoque manages to squash the cynics that may think its drive is any less – well, Range Rover – with precise steering and a reasonable amount of agility when it comes to cornering. We have got the 2WD model which for obvious reasons isn’t as capable in the rough stuff as the 4WD model, but thanks to its large 18-inch wheels, or 20-inch depending on which model you go for, the Evoque will surprise you with its ability to handle adverse conditions. The only real negative about the ride is that the suspension can be on the firm side and it can take a few seconds to settle itself after hitting particularly hefty bumps. When it comes to being a comfortable cruiser though, the Evoque does deliver, with impressive insulation that is so good, you mind find yourself going a bit too fast without realising it. If you are looking for a way into Range Rover ownership then the Evoque is the most affordable avenue to take, with prices starting from just over £30,000 – and that’s for the 5dr model, not the three-door coupe. But even though the Evoque is clearly dedicated to offering style, it still manages to tick the “quintessentially Range Rover” boxes. And for those who want to just exploit its stylish credentials and not necessarily its off-roading ones, then the 2WD model will not disappoint. Thanks for read Review Of Range Rover Evoque 2016.