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Review Of Yamaha R3 2016

Review Of Yamaha R3 2016 - The Yamaha R3 captivates your senses with the R6 inspired styling that looks drool worthy. The wide twin headlights, sleek fairing, big tank, sharp rear and LED tail lights look stellar. The easy to read analogue digital console is also thoroughly attractive and also gets a shift light and gear position indicator. If there is something I can endlessly praise about the Yamaha R3, then it is this 320cc parallel-twin engine. Performance is very very good but what really stands out is the refinement, this engine being absolutely butter smooth. The R3 has good low-end and mid-range performance so riding in the city is effortless. There is no heating or knocking whatsoever, the motor is just smooth all the way with little vibes felt on the tank and handlebar at certain RPMs. 

Review Of Yamaha R3 2016

The R3 does pull strongly in the top-end and redlines with an exciting exhaust note at 12,500 RPM. It's a motorcycle which is happy both in the city and out on the highway. The tank is a bit small at 14-litres while fuel economy isn't very impressive at 24 km/l. Yamaha has put budget components on the R3 and thus this bike isn't as sharp as one would expect. It does handle well with good manoeuvrability thanks to the light weight but the tyres are just about average while cornering clearance could have been better. The trade off in handling is covered by the ride quality which is very good and the R3 offers comfortable ergonomics. Brakes are strong but ABS and inverted forks should have been offered. 

The Yamaha R3 is a very impressive motorcycle but Yamaha has cut corners so the motorcycle misses out on a slipper clutch and the tyres aren't great either. With every Yamaha bike you would expect the handling to be the best in the segment but that's not the case with the R3, this motorcycle is more oriented towards comfort and in that regard it really excels. Without doubt, the gem of the package is the engine. It is by far the best in the segment. Priced at a premium, the R3 isn't for everybody but if you are an R15 owner looking to upgrade, then this motorcycle makes for the perfect buy. Thanks for read Review Of Yamaha R3 2016.