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Review Of Skoda Superb Hatch

Review Of Skoda Superb Hatch - In recent years Skoda has gained a following of loyal fans in the UK, and the Superb is held in particularly high esteem. And, judging by forum comments, that’s because it goes beyond its customers’ expectations. And now, well just look at it. One of the few criticisms you could level at the previous Superb, was that it was getting a bit dowdy, but now its new design is as sharp as a tack. Yet, despite its neater lines, it’s actually even bigger, being both 47mm wider and 28mm longer. Hop inside and the Superb feels very stately, with nothing too flashy or over the top, but lots of space – as you’d expect – and clear switches and instrumentation. This being a Skoda, there are some ‘Simply Clever’ features too, like this middle cup holder, which is so grippy, you can twist open a bottle with one hand, keeping the other on the steering wheel. The kit count is impressive too, with the standard S trim getting essentials like DAB and Bluetooth. SE is tempting though, with adaptive cruise control taking the strain out of motorway driving and rear parking sensors, which are handy when the boot is so far away. If you want sat-nav, then SE Business adds it to the infotainment system. That extra width means the most noticeable change in the front is better shoulder room, but actually, it’s in the back where the Superb really shines. 

Skoda Superb Hatch

It feels like I’m about to be chauffeured to an event back here, but it’s the fact the Superb costs less than £30k that makes this enormous legroom such a party trick. In fact, I don’t think I’ve reviewed a car with this much leg room. If you have kids, or you often transport other VIPs, this amount of space could change your life. Step out and there’s an umbrella in the front doors, which I might need soon, and the boot can be opened with a wave of your foot. It has grown a bit too, with 30 litres more space, so that’s 625-litres in total. But it’s not just about space, to keep your items secure, there’s some clever Velcro dividers and nets and, another ‘Simply Clever’ feature, a magnetic torch which is always on charge. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give the Superb, is that it really doesn’t feel massive on the road. You look at its size and imagine it might feel a bit heavy and ponderous, but apart from being a bit wide when you meet a car on very narrow back roads, it actually shrinks around you. In other good news, the ride is sublime. I found the Octavia can be a bit firm at times, but this car feels more mature and relaxed, with very little trade-off in handling. There’s some body roll if you really chuck it about, but obviously that’s not the point of the Superb, and neither is a really exciting driving experience. The brakes feel a touch too grabby, but overall it’s just very pleasant to drive. 

And the same goes for this 1.4 petrol, and no, I’ve not got mixed up with a supermini review, with 148bhp this ‘downsized’ turbocharged petrol matches the entry 2.0-litre diesel for power. It might need a few more revs to get into its stride, but can get you to 62mph in 8.6 seconds, and I’ve been getting 47mpg, which isn’t far off the claimed 55mpg average. The diesel in either 1.6 or 2.0-litres will be the biggest seller, but this petrol really is worth a look. There’s a few cars which make you double-check the spec sheet, and the Superb is one of them. It starts from around £18k and the car behind me, in SE L trim and with a few option boxes ticked, is £25k. That’s the price of a mid-range Golf, and puts it on a fairly even footing with the Ford Mondeo and Passat. As much as they seem to be going out of fashion, spend a bit of a time with a large car, and they start to win you over. Great on the motorway, quiet, comfortable and with loads of space, they can make life easier, and the Superb certainly ticks all those boxes. And, while the Superb has remained a fairly niche choice, even amongst Skoda owners, there’s a lot here to tempt Octavia drivers, as well as customers who have never bought a Skoda before. Thanks for visit Review Of Skoda Superb Hatch.