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How To Maintenance Brake System

For brake maintenance can always work so well, in fact it is not too difficult, because it is more to light maintenance, among others:

1. Clean the disc brakes with brake cleaner blowing compressors order of dust and pebbles that sticks
2. Check the condition of the brake shoes / brake pads every 10,000 miles multiples
3. Check the brake disc flatness level every 25,000 miles.

Maintenance Brake System

Additionally thing to know is that your vehicle brakes can sometimes work up to a temperature of 800 ° C, especially if you used the old vehicle with excess weight condition and passed through many generations.

Specifically related to the derivative, the tips of Rally Driver to improve brake performance, is to take advantage of engine braking, which is using a low gear while holding RPM, so that the engine can put a halt to your vehicle, before helping brakes work alone. Engine Brake can you do on a vehicle with a transition manual, automatic or CVT (Continously Variable Transmission).

Basically iron brake it, and brake pad material that is essentially carbon. The brake system works on the friction that always generates heat. So be careful when we walk away definitely be getting hot brakes. Vigilant in case of brake heat like this, do not pass through a puddle of water because it can cause cracks in the iron itself.

The most minor damage is made plates becomes uneven instantaneous, and cause your brakes to vibrate. For that immediately consult the nearest repair shop without looking at the schedule checks, as already mentioned above.

Similarly, a glimpse of the braking system maintenance. Probably still very many shortcomings and future braking system may be more sophisticated and how maintenance will be easier and it does not cost very expensive. Update news continues in Electronic And Mechanic and get the benefits for all of your vehicle maintenance.