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How To Take Care Clutch System

Clutch system on manual transmission cars located between the engine and transmission and the clutch function is to disconnect and connect the engine power to the wheels through the transmission.

Here are some important points clutch maintenance tips useful, in order to clutch the car is more durable and long lasting, and some things that could be the cause of problems in the clutch.

1. Do not put the foot on the clutch pedal continuously while the car as this will result in a rapid occur sun clutch plate wear and tear on the clutch cover and accelerating damage to the release bearing.

2. When was walking hand in hand on the ramp or ramp queue is it wise to not hold the car with half clutch but use hand brakes or drum brakes.
Due to withhold half clutch to hold the vehicle while queuing especially in the ramp is going to quickly thin canvas clutch and clutch linings age could be shorter. Besides, the surface of the pressure plate on the clutch cover and the surface of the flywheel will come eroded.

This is an example only to clutch the new limo to kilometers traveled 180 thousand, the clutch is not worthy to be replaced due to the thickness of the clutch plate is still enough, the clutch has not slip the clutch pedal just feels a bit heavy for release bearing drag when moving back and forth.

3. Do not remove the clutch with a rough way as this of course will result in damage to the clutch plate, clutch plate surface uneven could cause clutch feels vibrate when connected, in addition to vehicles with heavy loads will possibly make breaking plates in canvas clutch.

Care Tips on clutch system

Clutch system maintenance course aims that we are not bothered by the problem of clutch.
  • Check the oil leak from the possibility of coupling to the car with a clutch oil, especially check the bottom of the clutch master clutch oil leakage due to heavy load is concentrated on the clutch master down when we stepped on the clutch pedal. See Leaked On Down clutch master. 
  • Check the clutch pedal is mainly for the car with a rope clutch. automobile clutch slippage due to a car engine oil leak
  • When seen oil leaking from the engine and transmission connection, immediately replace the rear crankshaft seal because if oil is leaking left could be the cause clutch slippage by oil.
  • Also check the clutch pedal pressure when servicing, when the feet start to ache due to heavy clutch.