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How to Take Care Matic For Autos Used Cars

Many myths say among automotive enthusiasts that use auto-matic was costly to care and not many car repair shop that can fix, this opinion is true not seen yet many workshops that can improve matic transmission.

It had been the reason why many people are still afraid to use auto matic whereas if we look at in terms of its use auto matic better used for road users capitals have certainly affected by congestion, because you do not need stiff clutch pedal.

How to Take Care Matic For Autos Used Cars

If done correctly the cost for car care matic much cheaper than a car with a manual transmission, set every 2 years on average clutch gearbox had to be replaced, but in contrast to matic car that could be replaced over 5 years depending on usage.

Perform maintenance.

But not a few people who fall asleep with the words offer car that auto matic "maintenance free and long-lived life" where the fault lies sometimes someone who has a car matic reluctant to perform maintenance to the car repair shop. Because every object that we use it to have age and we must also know the treatment period.
The most basic care and attention to the user rarely matic is changing the oil regularly because oil for automatic transmission is a vital component in the system matic function not only for lubrication but also to the successor for propulsion engines.

Recognize matic car damage.

Some signs of damage matic transmission, among others, which resulted in a slip clutch is not balanced between the engine rotation speed of the car, the engine roaring at high speed but not at the pace car passes a balanced, menghentaknya gears when moved.

Routine Checking.

From the dipstick / measuring stick we can see the condition as well as the volume of oil in the car that is located on top of the gearbox, it is advisable to check regularly matic transmission if the volume of oil began to decrease or oil smells burnt, immediately take it to a car repair shop.

Automatic transmission driving on the streets of the capital or city - a great city that was never out of a traffic jam, is more promising than the comfort of the car manual transmission. But behind the comfort obtained, the device requires care exceeded automatic manual transmission, especially in dealings with gearbox. Here things - things you should know:

1. Automatic Transmission Fluid

In the automatic gearbox, no such thing as Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), its function is not only lubricate. In gearbox automatic hydraulic principle requires a mediator. Mainly to set the gearshift and tighten the clutch plate. So if viscosity viscosity down, the pressure generated will also be reduced.
Combustion process

Since there is no combustion process in the automatic transmission, the lower the viscosity of the fluid caused contamination due to lifetime. It can not be avoided, as any friction that occurs in clutch plate, definitely generate charge.

2. Slip Clutch

Symptoms of damage to the automatic transmission bias in the feel of the slip clutch. The indication of an imbalance with the engine rotation speed of the car. Machine has roared at high speed, but the car is running at a rate disproportionate to the roar of the car.

3. Shift

Switching gears too jerky, not smooth as usual. This bias in check by entering gears with position D or R, then brake off. Daslam healthy condition, the car in motion. If not there is an issue worthy of suspicion in the automatic transmission.