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Knowledge Heavy Equipment Drive System

Heavy equipment such as excavators or bulldozers, basically almost the same with other transportation vehicle. Heavy equipment also move and switch places. Despite the limited mobility of heavy equipment, heavy equipment has a drive system that is not much different than other transportation vehicle. There is a machine that is used as an Activator or to generate power in moving components such as a rake on the swinging arm moves the excavator.

Heavy equipment machines in its own power generator is a component in accordance with the accepted load of heavy equipment. Various types of mesn dipasangpada various types of heavy equipment. Start of the engine-powered 50 horsepower up to 1500 horsepower more often pinned to manufacturers of heavy equipment. The machines used nowadays are also leaning more toward diesel engines with newer technologies that provide more power and no wastes fuel.

Heavy equipment movers in the system, the power obtained from the engine is transmitted to other components. The following primary drive system components of heavy equipment:

Torque Converter
This component is the successor to the power of the engine. This tool is a component that serves to double the torque so that the machine can be converted into a high torque to do the work.
Some engines also use torque flow system i.e. mover power from the engine to the power train with oil media. Units that use this system claimed had greater thrust and can be set automatically according to the load. Not only that, this heavy equipment drive systems can also dampen the vibrations from the machine. With this system, the gearshift from the transmission will be smooth, easy and can be quickly took place.
Unfortunately, torque flow system is quite elaborate and construction has cost dearly.

After of the torque converter, power will be forwarded to the transmission. These components are the components of the drive system of heavy equipment which serves to set the speed, torque and direction of rotation of the engine.

Power Train
This component is disconnected and control power out put from the machine. This component also changed the speed and torque of the engine. This component also serves to equalize the distribution of power to the wheels or track shoe heavy equipment.

The transmission of power is passed on and is controlled to each wheel or track shoe using the bevel gear mechanisms, differemtial, final drive to brake.

In general the gear or gears are used as instruments of power between shafts that do not spin in one axis and has a difference in speed. Gear has a very important function in the system of heavy equipment movers. Own gear is contained within the machine tool weight.

Final Drive
This component is a component of the successor force end before heading to the track wheel or shoe. Components in heavy equipment drive system is capable of lowering the speed and increasing torque.

All of these components will drain the power from the engine. Therefore, the component-component should not be carelessly replaced. As the final drive system components of heavy equipment is a wheel. In heavy equipment, there is the use of heavy equipment tires, some are using the track shoe. Both the heavy instrument certainly has its own differences. Heavy equipment with a track shoe usually have greater engine power as used in the work field of the area of such extreme soil up to the rocks. Not only that, the use of large-powered machines due to heavy equipment itself has a great body weight of sake that it takes more energy for moving it.