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Type Of Cranes

Lifting equipment commonly used in the construction project is a crane. How to work with a crane is lifting the material to be moved, move horizontally, then lower the material desired place. One again, the crane needs to be very vital in the construction field. While this is very rare large construction without using either manual crane crane using only simple rope and takel or modern cranes with all its attributes. Moreover, large-scale development, the use of cranes is absolutely necessary ranging from foundation to finishing stage, even to the maintenance phase.

Some common types of cranes used are:

1. Crawler Crane

This type has a top that can move with the wheel 360. crawler cranes of this type can then move within the project site while doing his job. At the time of the crane will be used other then projected crane transported using lowbed trailer. This transportation is done by dismantling the boom into sections to facilitate the implementation of the transport.

2. Truck Crane

This type of crane can be migrated from one project to another without the aid of a means of transport. However, part of the crane remains to be dismantled to facilitate the transfer. As well as crawler cranes, truck cranes can rotate 360 degrees. to maintain the balance of the tool, truck cranes have legs. At the foot of the operation must be paired and the wheels lifted off the ground so that the safety of the operation with a long boom will be maintained.

3. Tower Crane

Tower cranes are usually used to erect high-rise buildings, factories and heavy industry which height reaches more than 100ft (1ft = 30,5cm). besides the tower crane can also be used to transport parts of construction equipment. Tower cranes can stand apart and can also be linked directly (attached) with the building. Operation of this crane uses electricity. Placement of tower cranes should pay attention to the following matters:
1.Location placement remaining tower crane must be at least 10m for the benefit of the installation and dismantling by using vehicles such as mobile cranes or truck cranes.

2.Range of material placement should 10m radius from the base of the tower crane in order to control the load removal easier.

3.Many enough place for the purposes of servicing or maintenance around the base of the tower crane.

4.High of tower crane depends on:
     a. Height of buildings erected
     b. Building heights around the bypassed
     c. A height limit of the tower crane to stand without support

5. Placement of the project facility should not interfere with the tower crane. Should be planned together at the beginning of the planning.

6. Tower cranes capable of reaching 100% of the building area and can lift the heaviest burden on the required radius.

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