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Treating Rearview Mirror

View mirror is required to be there on both motor vehicles motorcycles and cars. In the rainy season as it is today, rearview treatment should not be ignored. Because rainwater can make fast rearview mirror opaque.

Below are some tips on caring rearview you can do yourself:

eliminate mud

Mud easily found when wet road conditions. The mud splashes could be on the vehicle rear view mirror. Therefore, immediately clean the rearview if exposed to splashes of mud. If forgot to clean up the mud dries, wash with soapy water sprinkled into the rearview. Allow a few moments and then rub gently until clean.

Cleaning rust on the rear view mirror

Rust can occur if the rain on the motorcycle rearview motion. You can clean it by removing the rear view mirror (electric car), and then clean the rearview motion cavity with a small brush. You can also use sandpaper if rust is difficult to remove. The way the parts rub with sandpaper gently until clean.

Eliminate water spots

Rainwater that falls on the vehicle and often leaving scars in the form of water spots. If water spots attached to the rearview cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water, the size ratio is 2: 1.

Diligent cleaning rearview

Once the vehicle splashed by rain, you should immediately wash your vehicle even if only exposed to drizzle. Clean the vehicle using a damp chamois cloth. One thing that is not less important, when the weather is cloudy and it will rain, immediately park your vehicle in a safe place out of the rain water splashes.