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How To Clean The Hood Of a Car

Hood of the car is the very top of the arrangement of the engine. hood of the car is the protector of all engine components. besides the hood of the car is the most outer part of the face is often exposed to dust, hot sun and rain.

hood of the car need to be treated as a human face, because the hood of the car is the main view of the exterior of the car where others will see the first time in the hood. There is a sense of pride when the hood of the car well maintained and not dull. How to clean the hood of a car which really was very easy Electronic And Mechanic Version. Here's the process:

How To Clean The Hood Of a Car

Flush with Cloudy
Flush the hood with water evenly. Let the water first flows down so fine as dust stains come down. To remember, do not wash when the new engine is turned off. The risks are the same as washing in the sun.

Wipe with Chamois
As flush, wipe the hood with a chamois cloth. When done unidirectional wiping from back to front to facilitate the cleaning process. Note if there is dirt. Try to eliminate the press rather firmly on the stain.

Use Microfiber Wipe
Immediately dry with a chamois. However chamois only serves to lift the water and do not dry out. The next task followed by a microfiber cloth. Make sure that the total dry hood and no water spots.

Give Moisturizer
Like the face, the hood also need protection in the form of a moisturizer. To this can be used wax. Use wax that does not contain silicone because it will spoil. For applications not to polish, but enough with the applied evenly on the hood.

Again with Microfiber Wipe
After the wax wiped with a microfiber cloth with a back and forth motion. This simple process of waxing can be done every two weeks. Wax is also capable of removing water spot light.