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How To Care Seat Belt

Seat belt is one of the most important safety feature on your car that should be maintained to the level of security you drive can be maintained. To prevent damage to the seat belt, you should do proper maintenance, for example, clean with a good quality cleaning materials. In addition, try to follow some of these tips:

How To Care Seat Belt

Avoid smoking in the car. Sparks that fell can pierce the surface of the car seat belt. And if this happens, you will not be able to fix it so it must replace it with a new one. Preferably of smoke before you get into the car. Or, open the window and hold the cigarette out the car window.

Use cleaner for vinyl, such as STP or armorguard. The use of this product will reduce the humidity around the surface of the seat belt and protect from the sun that can cause cracks in the surface of the seat belt after being used a few years.

Return to the original condition, after you use the seat belt. Make a habit of doing this to avoid the position of the seat belt buckle which can reduce its elasticity. Signs of the seat belt is no longer feasible to be used is if after use, its position would not go back again in an upright and neat.

Lubricate the lock. Every two months, did lubrication (eg with WD 40) to lock the seat belt in addition to front and rear seat. This is to prevent rust in it. Because if this is the case then locking the seat belt can be less than optimal and may endanger the safety of driving.

Do not delay cleaning. Clean immediately with a soft cloth if the seat belt is exposed to dirt or spilled drinks. Because the longer you delay, the more difficult to clean.