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How To Care Wipers

Wiper is a car accessories at a fairly important. Wipers are used when driving in rainy weather. Not only had a function in the rain, the wipers are also used when you wash the car as a whole.
The rainy season makes you use the wipers more often. In order for cleaning the windshield is always maximal, always check or check the wipers on your car. Here is how to care wipers.

How To Care Wipers

Check wipers regularly. If the wiper rubber've seen brittle, should replace it with a new one that does not reduce the performance of cleaning on your windshield. Rubber wiper that is not proper to use can also cause baretan on the windshield.

Clean it with silicone spray. Be diligent cleaning wiper with silicone spray that are not easily cracked and not be hard. You simply clean the wiper rubber tip, do not need to be on the periphery of rubber because there are chemical coating (graphite), which serves to maintain the elasticity of rubber.

Use the buffer. When you do not use the car for long periods, or when parked in the sun, wipers should you hold with buffer so it does not stick to the windshield. By doing so, you also prevent dirt is not attached to the rubber tip.

Check the wiper crank. To facilitate movement up and down the wiper when used, should crank wiper spray with WD 40 on a regular basis. It is also one way to prevent rust.

Use water and car shampoo. It is advisable not to use the products 'extras' that are often sold. Typically, these products are acids that will settle in the wiper water tank, so the water can clog the smooth spraying wiper. Just use water mixed with shampoo car, which is cheap and easy to obtain.

Set and clean the wiper water hole. In order to touch the windshield spraying water to the maximum, set the wiper water spray toward the glass. Use safety pins to launch and set the direction of the water spray.