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How To Prevent Auto Glass Not Easy To Blur When the Rain

There is really no way of actually being able to prevent condensation of the air inside the car, but you can try some of the following ways to reduce the likelihood of it.

1. Do not park in places that are too hot

2. If you had to park on a sweltering, open all the windshield, leave on for 3-5 minutes while turning on the AC before running the car.

3. Do not over clean the windshield inside with a damp cloth. But if this was done, try to let the car open after cleaning up the air in the cabin of the car is completely dry.

4. Remove the carpet deck car to be cleaned regularly. Drying was for a few hours to make sure the carpet has dried completely before replacing it.

Causes of Auto Glass Opaque When the Rain

Auto glass can be opaque when it rains caused by condensation. When driving in the rain, we usually immediately shut down all neatly windshield. Because the cabin sealed, the air temperature in the cabin of the car will slowly rise. When the temperature rises, the air (oxygen) will be more moist. While due to the rain, the air temperature outside the car will be even cooler. After a while, the body temperature of the car including the windshield will be the same as the outside temperature (cold).

When moist air in the car touched the cold glass surface, the air will undergo condensation. Condensation is the change in the form of an object into a more solid form (compaction). Previously gaseous air will turn into a liquid (compressed oxygen into water). If the fluid is attached to the glass, the glass must be opaque.

Similarly, this lightweight tips, in addition, the above methods can be applied to all types of glass are prone to condensation, such as the glass in front of the sink or in the bathroom. Thanks for reading of our article, Electronic And Mechanic.