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Window Glass Car Care Tips

Have you ever calculated how many times the windshield, especially the riders, in riding down every day? From the start the car ignited the morning to finish the move that night, maybe up to ten times the power window active work.

Unfortunately many owners often forget to take care of him. Be a problem if the glass can not be shut down normally. Even worse can not be moved at all.

Imagine the hassles that occur when you want to pay for parking. Forced to participate opened the driver's door. But not only on the part of the driver, but it is rarely opened another glass can also be a new problem.

Because never moved and exposed to the hot sun, the rubber will stick to the glass. Glass was so difficult to be moved. Another effect is the rubber becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. This makes the glass vibrations can not be muted and create noise. Water so easily infiltrate into the door panels.

Supporting the driving mechanism behind the door panel, there is a glass lines are generally made of rubber coated with velvet. Chanel lubrication on this glass could dry up due to workload and infiltrating rainwater. Because chanel dirty glass, glass often be difficult raised.

Yet how simple care. Prepare a small nylon brush, penetrant cleaner, lubricant silicone and a clean cloth. Once everything is ready, follow these steps.

Window Glass Car Care Tips

1. Lower the glass to the maximum point. Then penetrant spray cleaners using small hose to the entire channel glass gradually. Should not be excessive and contaminate the glass itself.

2. Brush through all parts of the channel glass to take off the dirt. Dirtiest part usually is the driver's side. Perform steps (1) and (2) several times if necessary.

3. Clean the remains of dirt with a clean cloth.

4. Use silicon spray to lubricate this glass channels. Raise a glass ¾ then start spraying lubricant before using the tool of a small hose to be able to be directed between the glass and the track.

5. Up-down glass to lubricate all parts of the glass lines. Spray again to taste, if it was still rough.

In emergency situations
In urgent situations, you can lubricate the rubber channel glass using cooking oil or shampoo sachets. It can simultaneously maintain elasticity and no direct contact with the glass.

Remember, this is only for a while in an emergency. The advantage, shampoo sachets can be easily obtained at roadside stalls. Unfortunately, when exposed to water, its lubrication effect will fade away even glass lines can be more abrasive than before. For it to do regular maintenance to avoid things like this happen.