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Treatment Of The Car Seat

The interior of the car is not just a place to transport passengers or just a place to put your luggage. The interior will also indicate the level of care you would your car. Car seat is one of the vital elements in the interior of the car. Seat which became part of the cabin is a place where people who you love or your colleagues are in your car. The beauty and cleanliness of the main thing that you should consider. Before discussing the treatment of the car seat, let's understand the type and nature of the car seat.

Treatment Of The Car Seat

Car seats typically consists of three types, upholstery fabric, upholstery spring genuine leather and leather upholstery. Each type has its own properties and have a different way of treatment with the others. Semi-leather upholstery is used in low-end cars for cheap. In addition, this seat is not easily stained and so the treatment is not so difficult. But this seat include hard / stiff, easy to heat, have a chemical scent of synthetic material and easily stretched. Indeed, treatment is not difficult, but it is comparable to the short age of the seat. It is also not convenient to use.

Being genuine leather seats have better properties. This seat has a nice and soft contours. This seat also does not keep the heat even if exposed to sunlight. Even a few seats scratch resistant and fireproof. Only drawback to its price. The latter is the seat fabric. This seat soft textured, there are several variants that have a velvety, soft and comfortable. The disadvantage among others absorb and moldy, save odor, color stubborn stains.

For maintenance of semi-leather upholstery and genuine leather upholstery is almost the same. Prepare the following tools: brush with feathers that are not too hard, dry cloth, chamois, cleaning fluid and vacuum cleaner. First, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the parts that are difficult to reach and rub gently with a wet chamois half evenly. After the cleaning fluid and semportkan prepare the seat and immediately brush slowly. Before the liquid dries, dry immediately with a dry cloth. Do not move the area before you are sure the parts are clean and dry. If there are stubborn stains, doing way over several times. Give moisturizer leather seats and keep it away from direct sun heat.

As for the upholstery fabric, almost the same equipment, is being replaced with a cleaning liquid detergent liquid. Shortly after exposure to liquids seat immediately wash the rest of the liquid with a wet chamois. Furthermore, pour a little detergent and scrub with a brush until the stain is gone. Dry with a vacuum dried under the sun. Spray fragrances to eliminate odor and use the seat cover after a dry seat. Thanks for read article by Electronic And Mechanic.