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Knowledge About The Car Chassis

The chassis is the framework that serves as the support the weight and load of vehicles, engines and passenger. Usually the frame chassis made of iron / steel that serves holding body and engine of a vehicle engine. The main requirement that must be met is that material must have the strength to bear the weight of the vehicle. The chassis also serves to keep the car remains rigid, rigid and do not undergo bending or deformation of time is used.

Type Chassis Type


Ladder Frame

Ladder Frame Named because its shape resembles a ladder. Ladder frame chassis which is the oldest and widely used especially for heavy laden vehicles (heavy duty). The chassis is usually made of steel material or model symmetrical beam which is then strengthened with crosmembers and joint. for some designs sometimes Ladder frame given reinforcement iron crosses that maintain structural rigidity.

Monocoque Chassis

In this type Body Chassis serves as a vehicle chassis, so that its shape depends on the model of the vehicle itself, the monocoque chassis or often we hear the name of monocoque chassis, its main strength is in sheet steel sheet / composite incorporated or reinforced. At present many types monocoque chassis applied to light vehicles because it has the advantage of which could save the use of materials other than it can shorten the production process. because it does not need to make additional chassis instead.

Tubular space frame

The chassis type using various beam or pipe assembled into one and almost resembles of construction was the vehicle. The chassis is usually widely applied in the world of car racing, type chassis is very easy to add or in the design and given additional reinforcement. In this type of structure is very important to ensure all areas of triangles (try to observe the horse at home or bridge where all the structures created by the connection triangle model). The strength of the chassis is very dependent on the quality of welded joints of each joint.

Backbone Chassis

The initial idea was to make the front and rear structures are connected by a tube that ran along the frame of the car. Unlike transmission tunnels, backbone chassis is almost entirely rigid structure and can withstand all loads. There are some holes that continuous. Because it is so narrow walls are generally made thicker. Backbone chassis stiffness of the area part of the backbone itself.

Aluminum Space Frame

The chassis of this type were first developed by Audi car company (a subsidiary of the VW Group) together with the aluminum maker Alcoa. Aluminum Chassis Frame made to replace the steel monocoque chassis as to produce a lightweight frame. It is said that the type of Aluminum Space Frame Chassis claimed 40% lighter than steel monocoque frame but 40% more stiffness / Rigid.