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Maintenance Tips Car Diesel Engine

Diesel engines generally do not require as much maintenance petrol-engined car, but the cost of repair of diesel cars are usually more expensive. 
Good diesel engine maintenance will prevent the rising cost of maintenance workshop and fuel efficiency and engine are always in good standing. 
The diesel engine is a very good machine, and reliable for use in any car if regularly and well cared for.

Maintenance Tips Car Diesel Engine

The following maintenance tips car diesel engine, in order to live longer and maintain performance

Check the glow plugs
Glow plugs routine examination is essential for proper maintenance on diesel engines. Ignition of the diesel engine is dependent on a high heat and compression, if the glow plugs have been less good then the engine will be difficult to live because of the lack of heat in the combustion chamber. Glow plugs are used to heat the cylinder before the cold engine will be turned on.

Checking gaskets
Gaskets on diesel engines also can not escape from the routine observation, because the gasket is in very severe conditions. All bolt fastener machine must also be checked regularly to avoid leaks that could lead to other damage to the machine. If you find a leak Olie on the machine, the technician should ask the mechanic to check for leaks.

Checking the air filter
Air filters are useful for preventing his entry corrosive substances or objects of air into the engine combustion chamber. Air filter that has been used it will save a lot more dirt residue, as there may be damage, all collected residues can actually enter everything into the machine. Check and clean the air filter periodically based user guide.

Checking the oil filter

Oil filters for diesel engine components that should not be underestimated. The role of the oil filter is very important, because it serves to filter impurities from the fuel and karobn residues are corrosive. Filter that has missed its lifespan it will clog the smooth flow of Olie. Filters are still good Olie will filter corrosive particles from oil.

Do not open or loosen bolts
Never open bolt if the machine does not have an adequate tool, especially not know at all how to correct reassembling. Submit only the diesel engine experienced technicians.

How to replace the fluid in the engine

To maintain proper engine performance and avoid accidents, ensure that the engine is cold when you are going to replace all the fluids in the engine, such as oil or water to the radiator.

Checking the engine
Take a little time to look at the machine on a regular basis, to quickly find out as early as possible if there are irregularities. When performing maintenance of diesel engines, make sure the machine is turned off.

Beware of the cooling system

In all of the engine, cooling system is a critical component. Do not be put off if you know there is a problem with the cooling system, usually a warning alarm will be heard or seen on the dash panel. Check for leaks or need to perform additional coolant.

Adding special medication along fuel
Every time you fill the tank of a diesel engine, may add a "supplement". Substances such as This is useful to prevent diesel fuel mixed with dirt. Ask your subscription workshop on this machine supplements.

Using biodiesel
Another way to increase the life of the engine is to use bio - diesel. Biodiesel can be used in diesel engines with little modification. Bio - diesel is cleaner and can help remove dirt deposits that have accumulated on the walls of pre-filling the tank of diesel.

Diesel engines also require a complete examination and treatment to be more durable and last performance. Oil change, oil filter and air filter on a regular basis is very important to maintain proper engine performance.