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Tips To Replace Water Radiator

Common mistakes often occur when draining and refilling, and add water to the radiator. When the water drain and refill the radiator, a common mistake is to throw skipped breeze through bolt exhaust air, which is a position generally near the cylinder head. Error when adding water to the radiator is not perfect or close the radiator reservoir cover, causing overheating in the engine.

In order not to make mistakes that will adversely affect the car's engine, while draining, refilling, and add water to the radiator there are steps that need your attention.

Tips To Replace Water Radiator

  1. First, open the radiator exhaust bolts under the radiator. Wait until the water in the radiator and the engine lost all.
  2. Close the radiator and open the bolt exhaust bolt flatulence. Furthermore, the content of water in the radiator with coolant radiator (radiator coolant) until the radiator coolant water out through the exhaust bolts wind. 
  3. Close the bolt exhaust air and let the radiator cap open. At the position of the AC off, start the engine until the temperature reaches the ideal temperature, ie the temperature needle pointing half and radiator fan spins.
  4. If the volume is reduced, add water to the radiator to the max, and close the radiator.
  5. Check the reserve tank. If dirty quickly drain and refill with new coolant radiator fluid, to the maximum extent. Tighten the radiator cap and reservoir cap.
  6. At the time of driving after draining the water radiator, check back the volume of water in the radiator reserve tank, add if less.

To add water to the radiator, you should not use plain water because it will facilitate happen rust in the water channel. Except in an emergency, can be filled with water radiator water. After normal conditions, please make dewatering radiator and refill the radiator coolant.