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Fuel System Tune-Up

Certain and carbon build up in your engine over time reducing performance and fuel economy the 3m fuel system tune-up kit helps remove this buildup and helps keep your engine running at peak efficiency read the directions for use that come with the kid and follow the safety precautions carefully. 

Fuel System Tune-Up Steps

The first of three steps is to use the intake system cleaner access the engines throttle body and attach the hose at about the 12 o'clock position it should be within a quarter inch above the throttle plate start your engine and increase the idle speed to 500 2000 RPM's you might want to have a friend help you with this park press firmly to lock the nozzle the cleaner will flow into the engine when the can is empty press the Push to release button on the can and turn the engine off.

The second step is to clean and lubricate the throttle plate with the three and throttle plate and carb cleaner insert the two remove the tab and spray the cleaner on both sides of the throttle plate reattach the intake manifold you're done under the hood.

Fuel System Tune-Up

The last step is to use the 3m complete fuel system cleaner is designed for a full tank of gas and treat up to 20 gallons pour in the cleaner start the engine and I deliver a few minutes then drive at normal speeds for 10 or 15 minutes a little tail pipe smoke is normal at this point that's it a professional quality engine clean right at home used annually this kit will help you know you're getting the most out of every dollar you spend at the park.