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Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS

Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS - Bajaj Auto wants to create a new category of motorcycles in the form of the Adventure Sport. Popularly known as the AS, the company hasn't reserved this concept just to the 200cc engine but also given it to the 150cc model. The 150 AS is a very important bike because not only is it the second generation of the Pulsar 150 but it is also the cheapest of the new generation Pulsar. The Pulsar 150 AS is identical to the Pulsar 200 AS in appearance, save for the smaller tyres and inferior brakes. In essence, the 150 AS is the 200 NS with a different rear mudguard, semi-fairing, projector headlights and a windshield visor.

The instrument cluster is also the same as its above mentioned siblings. The Pulsar 150 AS gets a new engine which is smooth when compared to the old 150cc unit but it does feel a bit stressed when you get into the top-end, throwing out some vibrations. Performance is best in the mid-range and the 150 AS redlines at 11,000 RPM. The gearbox offers smooth shifts and the engine sounds softer than before. 

Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS

The Pulsar 150 AS is the cheapest bike to come with a perimeter frame and that itself transforms its dynamics. It has good handling but isn't a corner craver and the main stand is a hinderance when cornering hard. The suspension is on the soft side which gives it a good ride quality. The riding position is comfortable and the bike is equipped with MRF tyres, they offer a lot of grip. 

Brakes are decent but could do with more stopping power, a rear disc should have been offered. The Pulsar 150 AS isn't an off-roader, it's more of a touring bike and it has the goodies to support long distance riding. Thanks for read Review Of Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS.