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Review Of Kawasaki Ninja 300

Review Of Kawasaki Ninja 300 - The Ninja is an agent which has an unorthodox way of fighting but the Ninja we have today over here is the Ninja 300. It doesn't have to fight anyone, because it is on the top of its game. The Ninja 300 has styling inspired from the ZX-series of bikes. Look at the headlights for example, it comes from the ZX-6R and these alloy wheels come from the ZX-1400. The Kawasaki Ninja 300's styling takes a lot of influence from the ZX-series of motorcycles. The tank, windshield are undoubtedly from the ZX-10R. The Ninja 300 features a very comfortable riding position, which is sporty too. 

The footpegs are lower set and are very practical for daily use. The instrument cluster is an all unit and has nothing in common with the Ninja 250R. You have a big analogue tachometer and a digital readout right below which shows the speedometer and trip meter. Handling is sharp with excellent poise in the corners. 

Review Of Kawasaki Ninja 300

Tyres are good but not excellent. The Ninja 300 feels slightly heavy in traffic and brakes are good but could have been better. The engine is simply flawless, it is a smooth and high reving unit with the redline coming in at 13,000 RPM. The Ninja 300 produces 39 PS of power at 11,000 RPM and 27 Nm of torque at 10,000 RPM. It even sounds brilliant. Mid and top end are very strong and that is the area where this engine truly shines. The ZX series inspired looks, good dynamics, a potent engine, an able chassis and the full fairing should attract a lot of customers. Despite the high price and lack of ABS, the Ninja 300 should find buyers who won't think twice before purchasing it. Thanks for read Review Of Kawasaki Ninja 300.