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Review Of TVS Apache 200

Review Of TVS Apache 200 - The new RTR 200 has signature Apache traits which are unmistakable. The motorcycle gets an edgy design which stands out. The offset fuel cap on the beefy tank, alloy wheels, split seats with under-seat storage and the daytime running lights really appeal on this street-fighter. The Apache 200 comes in unique matte colours. The Apache 200 gets an all digital instrument cluster with features like a lap timer and acceleration time recorder, it also gets a gear shift indicator and twin trip meters. Powering the Apache 200 is a bored out engine of the Apache 180 but the new model is drastically smoother with almost no vibrations till 8000 RPM. There is good low-end punch and that makes the Apache 200 quick right off the line, making it reach the ton in a claimed 12 seconds. However the bike isn't strong in the top-end, power dropping sharply post 8500 RPM although the bike will rev till 10,000 RPM. 

The fuel-injected variant is slightly punchier but the difference with the carb model is very less. The gearbox could do with smoother shifts. The exhaust note is throaty and the 4-valve motor sounds good. The Apache 200 has a comfortable seat and is taller than the old Apache. The bike offers very good ride quality and the KYB suspension does a fantastic job of absorbing bumps and keeps the Apache planted through the corners. The new RTR is eager to corner and inspires confidence to ride hard. The TVS tyres offer decent grip while the optional Pirellis (pee-re-lee) are super sticky. Brakes are good and there is also the option of dual-channel ABS. 

The wait for the Apache 200 has been totally worth it because it is super fun to ride and gets some interesting features, it does miss out on bit power on paper but when you ride the bike, it feels quick and is very much aggressive too. It becomes a perfect alternative to the Pulsars and it will surely impress the Apache fans who have been long waiting. Thanks for read Review Of TVS Apache 200.